Miss Fancy

If you remember a long, long, long time ago- in the 1990's- you'd remember my first dog, Jezabelle.   She was old and had to be put to sleep in November 1999 with cancer.   She was little pit mix, white with a patch over part of her face and eye.    She was a pound dog.  The hospital, where I was working at the time,  served as a holding facility for the city animal control officer.    Had a home. Didn't have a home. Tied to a tree. and eventually made her way back to the veterinary hospital, a few months later, only because of her Rabies tag on her collar.

It seemed like it was meant to be, so  I ended up keeping her. 
Below is my business card that I still use today. 

So when I saw this girl below, you know who I immediately thought of. 
This is Fancy.  She is a from a animal shelter on the other side of Athens, about an hour away.  
6 years old.  55 lbs. Obviously has had several litters of puppies. 

She was running out of time and options. So I contacted a local rescue group to foster her for them.
She was surrendered by her owner, so I was told that she is about 6 years old.  For 6 though, she has a rather young spirit and a sweet soul.   She's had a couple of medicated baths for her skin,  and will probably be getting spayed the end of this week or maybe the first of next week. 

If you want to see all her photos, click on these links to see the Flickr sets.  Set 1. Set 2Set 3. 

She'll be going up on Petfinder and Adopt a Pet.

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