Zorro Needs a Home or Foster Home

This is Zorro.  He was brought in the other day for euthanasia because his hair was matted. There is (was)  too much cat hair in his house according to his owner,  and her landlord.  ( Never mind that there is another cat and a Yorkie dog that live there too. Booooo. )

He's about 12 years old according to the owner.  He went to the vet for his vaccinations 11 years ago.  (Boooo some more.)

Me- Is he sick?
Her- No.
Me- You've lived there for 3 years plus.  Does he have to leave today?
Her-  Yes.
Me- Have your tried to find him another home?
Her- No.
Me- And your other dog and cat is fine to stay there?
After His Haircut
Her- Yes.

Okay, got it.  I'll stop asking questions before I blow a gasket.  

She let me keep him to see if I can re-home him with someone who appreciates him.

He seems like a really quiet cat. Would be perfect for an older person who might not want to deal with the antics of a kitten or a younger cat.  I think he prefers inside.  I am not sure he is happy about living in a cage though, even temporarily, as he hides in his sleeping box, or his litter box.  You find him peeking over the top during the day. If you go in the cat room late at night, when it has been quiet and dark, he is out of the boxes then.

We took his photos the day he arrived, and after he had a haircut to get the matted fur off of him. 
You can more photos on Flickr.   Here or Here.

If someone local would like to foster him, while his photos go up on and Adopt a Pet, that would be fine too. I'll update his booster shots- Feline Leukemia, FVRCP, and his Rabies.
Contact the office and we'll work out the details.


Mishkat said...

Andy, sorry to hear that people are so awful (although I guess I already know that). We would gladly foster him except that we live in Virginia - and we have 3 cats already. Please let us all know if you don't find a foster/adoptive parent.

Glassgardenswhatnot said...

At least he has a good chance for a happy life now. It's sad that people adopt pets but no longer consider it permanent. They give them up way too easily, for dumb reasons. As a shelter volunteer in TN, we have seen more animals adopted this year, but returned shortly afterward. I wish we could screen for stupidity.

Art with Liz said...

I haven't been blogging lately and have just read about Jimmy - and of course, cried. But I also think you are incredible to have looked after him and given him the love that he so needed. You never said what happened to Bert.
Somebody once said something along the lines of .. the more I see of people, the more I love my dog. I go with this sentiment.

Andy Mathis said...

Bert passed away in his sleep on night back in June. I didn't mention it at the time. He was moving rather slowly on his walk over a weekend. I thought he had sprained, strained, pulled something, etc. as he was limping on a leg slightly. No fever. No vomiting. No coughting. Nothing specific.

He started taking an NSAID and seemed to feel better on Monday, but was slow again on Tuesday afternoon, and passed away sometime Tuesday night-Wednesday morning.

Rosie and Ginger had just started their heartworm treatment, and he was going to be next. So it might have been related to the heartworms. He was also bad about chewing on stuff out, on his walk, before you realize it. Sticks, roots, poop. I don't think we have those fatal mushrooms growing around here. But if we do, he would have been the one to grab one and swallow it before you noticed.

Preserve Jewelry Studio said...

Zorro is a beautiful boy. He came to the right place for appreciation, good care and hopefully a forever home. Your good deeds will be returned to you someday by the powers to be.


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