Buckets by Beth Nadler

I don't think I showed you the little decoupaged bucket I won from Beth Nadler.  It's galvanized with her artwork on it. 

I haven't won anything since a little Washington Monument statue in a Bingo Game at the 1977 Halloween Carnival.  So I was due. . . :)

Cute, aren't they?  They are available in her Etsy Shop. She has other designs as well.   Thanks Beth.

Michael Vick - Subway's Sportsman of the Year at BET Awards

I am bringing this up as I am curious to know what you think.   On Sunday, Michael Vick was named Sportsman of the Year at the BET Awards on Sunday in Los Angeles.  The Award is sponsored by Subway restaurants. 

Yesterday, the controversy blew up on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.  Most vowing to boycott Subway restaurants.   From what I can gather, the recipient isn't selected by Subway, but by the BET network.  Boycotting the restaurants only hurts the innocent franchise owners and employees. 

I personally dislike anything to do with Michael Vick.  If it were up to me, I wouldn't have let him back in the NFL.  

So, I wondering, what do you think about the controversy?   What should Subway do?  Do you think Subway should issue a statement?  The sooner, the better?  Or wait and see if it all blows over? 
 And if you normally eat at Subway, do you plan to change that based on this award? 

I am personally waiting to see how Subway handles this fiasco.  If they say nothing, I take that to mean that they endorse this award for Athlete of the Year.  And I like Subway. 

Or I did.


Jack is looking for a Home

Hello everyone.  It's sort of summer vacation around here this week.  I'm working, so it's more like a stay-cation for me.  My parents rented a cabin out at Lake Russell state park.  My brothers and their families have been here.  The nieces and nephews have had a rather large time tubing, skiing, and jet skiing.  Some have been fishing too.

So I've been popping in at the best parts of the day- lunch and dinner.  and been neglecting my blog just a little.  I should have posted this about Jack before now.  Better late than never, I guess. 

He's a stray that showed up at a client's house a few weeks ago. And they are looking for him a home. He gets along with their dogs and cats.   Probably around a year to a year and a half old. 23 lbs. so he's a rather small dog. 

If anyone is interested in adopting him let me know. Feel free to forward this blog post or video link to anyone that might be looking for a dog such as Jack. 


Just in Case you didn't believe me. . .

that those American Bulldog puppies from a week or so ago, do actually get quite large,  I have proof.    Three adult dogs have been boarding this week here at ClubPet.   Tank, Maddie, and Bear have been enjoying the high life.  They are supposed to check out later today to return home. 

This is Maddie.  Is this a face only a Mom could love?   


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