Michael Vick - Subway's Sportsman of the Year at BET Awards

I am bringing this up as I am curious to know what you think.   On Sunday, Michael Vick was named Sportsman of the Year at the BET Awards on Sunday in Los Angeles.  The Award is sponsored by Subway restaurants. 

Yesterday, the controversy blew up on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.  Most vowing to boycott Subway restaurants.   From what I can gather, the recipient isn't selected by Subway, but by the BET network.  Boycotting the restaurants only hurts the innocent franchise owners and employees. 

I personally dislike anything to do with Michael Vick.  If it were up to me, I wouldn't have let him back in the NFL.  

So, I wondering, what do you think about the controversy?   What should Subway do?  Do you think Subway should issue a statement?  The sooner, the better?  Or wait and see if it all blows over? 
 And if you normally eat at Subway, do you plan to change that based on this award? 

I am personally waiting to see how Subway handles this fiasco.  If they say nothing, I take that to mean that they endorse this award for Athlete of the Year.  And I like Subway. 

Or I did.


Robin Andreae said...

I'm not a big fan of Michael Vick. I shop at subway occasionally and know some franchise workers. I feel a bit conflicted over the whole thing. I'd hate to see my friends lose their jobs due to lack of business. But I'm not really sure I like the idea of Vick's award. Is he still advocating against dog fighting? Or was that just a court ordered thing he's finished with? If he is, I say let him keep the award. As long as he's in the limelight, he can do good. If he isn't, I'm still not sure a boycott is the answer.

Andy Mathis said...

I am not sure what he's been doing lately and if it is court ordered or not. I saw part of a 60 minutes interview with him, and he didn't seem remorseful or sincere, imo.

If I were Subway, I would be trying to minimize the damage anyway possible- press releases, public statements, even tv interviews.

It sort of reminds me of when people didn't buy gas from BP stations because of the oil spill. The store owners were the ones who suffered because BP wasn't proactive enough in their media campaigns. Giving the impression that they didn't care or weren't doing much to stop the spill.

Glassgardenswhatnot said...

If people want to boycott, it should be BET since they selected Michael Vick as recipient of the award.

As a pitbull owner, I have a hard time even looking at Michael Vick. What he did was sickening. Everyone deserves a chance to redeem themselves, but I'm not sure he's sincere.

I agree that Subway needs to make a statement.

Miccosukee said...

What were those people thinking? That we had forgotten his past? Well, there goes my patronizing Subway, what little I did. There are so many more deserving individuals. Wonder who suggested him?

Love to hear what Subway has to say!!

LaVerne said...

I agree that BET should be boycotted, not Subway, who apparently is just a sponsor. But.....they do need to issue a statement to save their franchise owners. I bet most of them are appalled by the whole thing. How in the world was Vick chosen Sportsman of the Year? Shows us how much these awards mean!

Anonymous said...

Subway needs to make a statement. I'm going to be bummed if they don't and I have to boycott them. I eat there several times a week. Le sigh...

Stefani said...

Yes, I eat at Subway. And yes, I am planning on changing my behavior as a result of this. I have been eating vegetarian most of the time, and I love their veggie patty subs. But for one of the restaurants that has such an animal friendly menu choice, this is a very animal hostile move. Boo hiss on subway!

Robin Andreae said...

That's too bad, Andy. It's such a sickening thing. I wish he was sincere. But it wasn't exactly his idea to quit dog fighting.


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