Jack is looking for a Home

Hello everyone.  It's sort of summer vacation around here this week.  I'm working, so it's more like a stay-cation for me.  My parents rented a cabin out at Lake Russell state park.  My brothers and their families have been here.  The nieces and nephews have had a rather large time tubing, skiing, and jet skiing.  Some have been fishing too.

So I've been popping in at the best parts of the day- lunch and dinner.  and been neglecting my blog just a little.  I should have posted this about Jack before now.  Better late than never, I guess. 

He's a stray that showed up at a client's house a few weeks ago. And they are looking for him a home. He gets along with their dogs and cats.   Probably around a year to a year and a half old. 23 lbs. so he's a rather small dog. 

If anyone is interested in adopting him let me know. Feel free to forward this blog post or video link to anyone that might be looking for a dog such as Jack. 


Mishkat said...

Jack is adorable! I'm a cat person (have 3 and can't adopt more animals), but if I could, I'd adopt him. He looks like a wonderful dog. I hope he finds the best home ever!

Andy Mathis said...

Thanks Mishkat-
I am putting him on petfinder for them as well, so maybe he will. Luckily, they don't have to get rid of him right away, so he has more time than others sometimes do.


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