It's A Bonanza at Bonanzle!!!

That's Right! Tomorrow. 11 AM PST. Be there or be rectangle.

I was adding some of the new items to Bonanzle. And they have a feature that lets you have a sale. It's called a Bonanza. So I want to try it out to see how it works. 15% off for 2 hours.

I haven't got the shipping straight yet, the combined shipping, but I'll probably combine shipping manually and issue a refund through paypal or google checkout for the difference.

Don't worry if you miss it, I am sure I'll do another in the future.

So, if you had your eyes *points 2 fingers to my eyes, then to the monitor, eyes, monitor* on those new little cases, or the new cards, check it out at 11 am PST.

Bonanzle Booth


My New Cards, sort of. . . .

I have printed a few greeting cards in the past. Paper. Plain, same old card that everyone else has as well.

Well, back in January, Leanin' Tree came out with a line of seeded greeting cards that can be planted. There is a card on the inside, and the outer card jacket is made of handmade seeded paper. So one can plant them.

I wanted some for the office. But they had little to no animal art. and what animal art is offered is wrong for me. Too cheesy, too cutesy, too whimsical, too generic.

So I am printing my own inserts. And they look really nice.

There are 5 different seed mixes- cottage garden mix, sunny garden mix, cutting garden mix, heaven scent, and wildflower mix. Each is carefully blended with annuals and perennials, so something is guaranteed to grow in all regions. If you have ever purchased wildflower seeds, you know that you select the mix based on what area of the country you live in.

I only have resized 3 designs so far, and will be working on a few others. What do think of the idea of being able to plant a card? Or save the inside card, and plant the seeded jacket?

Meet Callie and Allie

These 2 little ladies were found inside a chicken coop last week. No sign of Mom.
But she might have left to join the circus as to get these two inside the chicken coop she would have had to climb to the roof, walk across a little bar, squeeze through a little hole in the wire, and down inside the coop.

It sounds as if her middle name might be Wallenda, or Houdini, so she has a bigger calling in life. So off to the circus she went.

They were weak, hungry, covered in fleas. So the chick coop owner took them in, and started feeding them kitten formula after getting rid of the fleas. That was a week ago, and they are boarding this week while the owner is on vacation.

Allie, the grey one, resembled Yoda a lot after she got sprayed for the fleas.


Drum roll please. . . .

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B. of Exhibit A.

and Voila! Exhibit C.

Thank you, Thank you very much.
We'll be signing autographs and posing for photos in the lobby. . .


Anyone know what kind of bird nest this is?

Today, I am rescuing the little garden area beside the clinic from a little neglect. Maybe just a year or two. It's been taken over by wild clematis, japanese honeysuckle, and some type of wild olive brush that seems to grow a foot/month.

I am not one for the high maintenance type of landscaping where the grass has to be mowed every 3 days. When I built the office here, the lot had no topsoil, it had been scraped away for some project. So grass wouldn't grow very well. So I threw out a bunch of wildflower seeds, and let the flowers grow. Now, my Mother, is the more high maintenance type of landscape person. I think that is because she had 4 kids to pull weeds out of the flowerbeds. Now, she says, " I like the wildflowers, I just don't like all those weeds. . . . " So I try to explain, "Ummmm, Ma, that's what wildflowers are. . .weeds." But I digress.

And I have tried to plant nice stuff before. I planted roses bushes one year. They lasted 2 days, before someone dug them up. The same for my shepherd hooks that were in the garden.
So if you plant anything nice, it has to be the wrong time of year for planting, or you have to camouflage it with weeds and such, so no one notices that it's there, till much later, when it's too large to move.

So I am out there, rescuing the camelia bushes, azaleas, and gardenias. This is in Jezabelle's Garden, the little memory garden I dedicated to her and in memory of all my patients- present and those passed. I would have liked to put a little bench out there, but there is no way it would stay in place. For the first year or three, we put up a outside Christmas there. With natural birdseed ornaments for the birds- bird seed- peanut butter pinecones, dried fruit gardlands, etc.

And I spot this little nest in one of the camelia bushes. Anyone know what it is? I am guessing it's a hummingbird nest. But, I am not sure. Click on the photo, it should enlarge a little, if you are viewing it on the blog page.


Max- Eskimo Spitz

This is Max. 11 weeks old Eskimo Spitz puppy. He came in today for a puppy vaccination.


Well, I survived Six Flags. . .

no one puked on me. So Yay!

The coolest ride was the Superman Coaster, where you are under the rail, as if you are flying through the air. Here's a video of it that I found at Youtube.

and I was smart enough to NOT go on ThunderRiver ride. Wearing wet underwear is not fun. But it was totally worth 50 cents to blast the nephews with the watercannons as they came by.

Here's another video from youtube showing the watercannons. Sort of like getting squirted with a firehose, haha.


Cat Pendants from Kathy Lo

These arrived today and they turned out really nice. Kathy Loewenstern from California made them.

Double sided, so functionally, they are like 2 pendants in 1. Waterproof, but I would not recommend wearing it into the pool.

They are sterling silver, with a waterproof coating. They come with a 16 inch sterling silver chain.

3 sizes are available- small, medium, and large.
the small is 5/8 in square. Medium is 3/4 in square. Large is 1 inch square.

I listed a large one in the store, and will list the other 2 sizes a bit later.


Happy 4th of July, everyone. . .

Everyone Be careful and safe if you happen to be traveling this Holiday Weekend. I am off to the Lake to assist in wrangling the nieces and nephews (sort of like herding cats), and to try and keep them from drowning each other. What Uncles have to put up with. It's my job.

And they have come up with this bright idea to head on Six Flags over Georgia on Tuesday. Have I mentioned that it's been upper 90s or 100 degrees here? No?
That right, it's so hot here that meat is falling off the bone. I still haven't decided if I am up for that trip. They might have to give me their allowances. . .

Here at the clinic, we have a few boarders here this weekend, while families are on vacation.

Remember, Ellie, the cutest little bundle of fluff ever? You saw her puppy photos a few months ago.

Well, she's here. Got spayed yesterday, so "No Pups for you!" (said like the Soup Nazi)

Now, I personally can't go out and buy a dog, knowing that so many dogs are out there who just need a home. But I have nothing against buying one, and if you want a purebred dog, then you usually have to purchase one.

But, if I did buy one, I might have to consider an Australian Shepherd. Look at this girl now-

Don't tell her I said so, but she seems pretty smart as well. Don't tell the other boarders either. They might get jealous.

Well, time to close.

Pray for me if I can't get out of the Six Flags trip.


Bell, Willy Bob, and Cigarette Cases

First, ya'll remember Willy Bob from a few months ago. With his cqute, widdle puppy face.

Well, he came in yesterday. While he is still cute, he has lost his widdle puppy face.

He is looking none too happy either. I wonder if someone told him it was neuter day. Or maybe it was that his requested Great Dane Neuticles got lost on UPS, and he had to settle on a Jack Russell pair. Poor Willy Bob.

Then Bell came in. A 5-6 month old Terrier Mix in for a puppy vaccine.

For some reason, she seems to hear better on one side. We don't know why. It's a misteree.

Lastly, I can't remember if you saw some of these a few months ago. I got around to photographing some new ones the other day. They are cigarette cases, with a print on the front. The artwork is protected by a thick coat of enamel. They make a great little clutch, or a stylish way to carry business cards without them getting damaged.


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