Bell, Willy Bob, and Cigarette Cases

First, ya'll remember Willy Bob from a few months ago. With his cqute, widdle puppy face.

Well, he came in yesterday. While he is still cute, he has lost his widdle puppy face.

He is looking none too happy either. I wonder if someone told him it was neuter day. Or maybe it was that his requested Great Dane Neuticles got lost on UPS, and he had to settle on a Jack Russell pair. Poor Willy Bob.

Then Bell came in. A 5-6 month old Terrier Mix in for a puppy vaccine.

For some reason, she seems to hear better on one side. We don't know why. It's a misteree.

Lastly, I can't remember if you saw some of these a few months ago. I got around to photographing some new ones the other day. They are cigarette cases, with a print on the front. The artwork is protected by a thick coat of enamel. They make a great little clutch, or a stylish way to carry business cards without them getting damaged.


Maureen A. Girard said...

Andy, I always enjoy your photos. Willy Bob certainly looks uncertain and Bell is quite perky. I really like the cigarette cases. Are they handmade? Will they be available online? Thanks.

"JeanneG" said...

The cigarette cases are so cute, especially as one has my baby Friday on it. So cute. Wish she still was that young (well not really as she was hyper for about 8 yrs.) She's now 10 and has a very gray face.


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