Well, I survived Six Flags. . .

no one puked on me. So Yay!

The coolest ride was the Superman Coaster, where you are under the rail, as if you are flying through the air. Here's a video of it that I found at Youtube.

and I was smart enough to NOT go on ThunderRiver ride. Wearing wet underwear is not fun. But it was totally worth 50 cents to blast the nephews with the watercannons as they came by.

Here's another video from youtube showing the watercannons. Sort of like getting squirted with a firehose, haha.

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Diane Morgan said...

Enjoyed the video rides! Funny you should mention puking....When I went to an amusement park many, many years ago...the last vacant seat on the ferris wheel was broken so they wouldn't let me get on. The person above that empty seat puked on it. I considered that my lucky day.
Glad you had a fun day.


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