Happy 4th of July, everyone. . .

Everyone Be careful and safe if you happen to be traveling this Holiday Weekend. I am off to the Lake to assist in wrangling the nieces and nephews (sort of like herding cats), and to try and keep them from drowning each other. What Uncles have to put up with. It's my job.

And they have come up with this bright idea to head on Six Flags over Georgia on Tuesday. Have I mentioned that it's been upper 90s or 100 degrees here? No?
That right, it's so hot here that meat is falling off the bone. I still haven't decided if I am up for that trip. They might have to give me their allowances. . .

Here at the clinic, we have a few boarders here this weekend, while families are on vacation.

Remember, Ellie, the cutest little bundle of fluff ever? You saw her puppy photos a few months ago.

Well, she's here. Got spayed yesterday, so "No Pups for you!" (said like the Soup Nazi)

Now, I personally can't go out and buy a dog, knowing that so many dogs are out there who just need a home. But I have nothing against buying one, and if you want a purebred dog, then you usually have to purchase one.

But, if I did buy one, I might have to consider an Australian Shepherd. Look at this girl now-

Don't tell her I said so, but she seems pretty smart as well. Don't tell the other boarders either. They might get jealous.

Well, time to close.

Pray for me if I can't get out of the Six Flags trip.

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