My New Cards, sort of. . . .

I have printed a few greeting cards in the past. Paper. Plain, same old card that everyone else has as well.

Well, back in January, Leanin' Tree came out with a line of seeded greeting cards that can be planted. There is a card on the inside, and the outer card jacket is made of handmade seeded paper. So one can plant them.

I wanted some for the office. But they had little to no animal art. and what animal art is offered is wrong for me. Too cheesy, too cutesy, too whimsical, too generic.

So I am printing my own inserts. And they look really nice.

There are 5 different seed mixes- cottage garden mix, sunny garden mix, cutting garden mix, heaven scent, and wildflower mix. Each is carefully blended with annuals and perennials, so something is guaranteed to grow in all regions. If you have ever purchased wildflower seeds, you know that you select the mix based on what area of the country you live in.

I only have resized 3 designs so far, and will be working on a few others. What do think of the idea of being able to plant a card? Or save the inside card, and plant the seeded jacket?


GotGarf said...

Hi there.

If offered on your blog, I would definitely buy them in bulk.

I am sure they are priced comparably to store bought cards, which I try not to purchase.

Look great. I think you should go for it!

Andy Mathis said...

I like the idea as well. I'll work on a few more designs as well. Some florals maybe.

Leanin' Tree has a suggested retail of $4.95 for them. So they are a little more than a regular card. Eventhough I am taking them apart, and redoing the insert, $5 sounds reasonable to me as well.

You can probably stuff about 16 of them into a priority mail flat rate envelope.

Sharon said...

Very neat! I've seen the papers with seeds but you using it as a 'frame' is a perfect way to incorporate the papers with good reproductions of your great cards.


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