The Most Bizarre Tumor Ever

I mentioned this tumor the other day.

If you have been in the waiting room, I have a poster with several photos on it. It's over to the side next to the front window. So if you are sitting there, putting an invoice in the computer, you over hear, "I don't know what that is." or "Is it poop?" or "Is it intestine?", or "Is she having babies?" And it is always about this old photo.

First, let me say, that everything turned out fine for this little dog. The tumor was removed and as far as I know, it didn't return. I haven't seen the clients or the dog in years. This was so bizarre that I referred this to the Teaching Hospital to let a soft tissue surgeon take it off.

There was a note on the appointment book. Dog with a growth on it's leg. The owner was sitting in the waiting room on the bench. And when I looked up, this is what I saw. The dog in 1 hand. And a tumor in the other.

O.M.G. is right.

Now, once you get over the shock, you wonder how long this has been there, and why they let it get so large. The owner and his wife were both, somewhat challenged, let's say, when it came to decisions, reasoning, and problem solving. Concerned about the dog, but just couldn't figure out what to do.

The other issue was that the didn't have a lot of financial resources, so I think that was also the reason they were reluctant to bring the dog to the vet. Until it got this bad.

Because of their financial situation, and the excellent prognosis for this dog with surgery, the majority of their bill at the Teaching Hospital was paid by Sundown Surgery Fund. Sundown Surgery is one of my favorite animal charities. It is a fund set up to cover surgery costs when clients are unable to pay for treatment. The client must qualify, as well as the pet and it's condition. The total bill was around $1500. And they paid in the neighborhood of $250-300. So it worked out well for the dog, and for them. But mostly for the dog.

I don't remember exactly what the histopath said about the tumor. It was a connective tissue something. Benign, but able to get quite large. (obviously). It was attached to the back side of her rear leg, and she dragged it around behind her.

On that piece of paper sitting on the table behind the little dog is a map with directions to the teaching hospital. You have to go here. Now. Stat.

Pretty neat, huh? In a bizarro type way.


The Modern Mama said...

Speechless, mouth hanging open.

Anonymous said...

Bless that baby... such a sweet little face. I'm so glad they finally brought her in and got that thing removed.

This reminds me of something I saw a long time ago on Medical Mysteries about a woman with a 200 pound tumor hanging off her belly. It was... gross.

ash said...

My dog is a collie and has the same growth type thing. Not quite as large. About the size of a softball or so... :( we also Do not have the money to get it taken care of...

rescue.momGA said... should check into the different charities that help pet owners when they can not afford to get the recommended treatment for their 'fur baby'..just like the family that had this beautiful girl with that hideous tumor hanging off of her backside...I bet they will help for "charities that help low- income families with pets in need"...or "charities helping familys with pets in need"... Good Luck...&God Bless..I Hope your dog gets that thing (tumor) removed...and soon!!


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