More Photos Down Memory Lane

I found more old photos. I am getting good at this hooking up 3 computers, with zip drives, and flash drives all in between.

These are back from 2000. Jethro was a little older than last week photos. I needed a photo for a brochure. Still in my Super Size me phase. I know McDonalds said super sizing was a good value, more food, only a dollar, but I am not so sure. . .

First, we tried outside.

Jethro only wanted to nap in the sunshine. Who could blame him? It's what dogs do.

Then look what happens when I am not around. Is that a CHOKE hold? Is my baby getting beaten senselessly? Anyone got the number for Dept of Family and Children Services?


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Sherry said...

He looks like a quite contented dog.

jodie nicholson said...

Awww, Matho....these photos are excellent!


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