Puppy Photos

Ya'll better say Thank You.

I'm for Realz.

If you knew how many pcs, zip drives, flash drives, laptops, and my macbook, that I had to hook together to unearth these old photos. The computer up front is from 1998 and is running windows 98. That is where my first little 1 mb digital camera stored photos. And it has no CD burner. Or no USB port. So I have to move the images to a zip disk. Then plug the zip drive into my old PC laptop (year 2001 model)with no working monitor. Hook up a monitor. Move Image files from the zip disk to a USB drive.
Finally move files from my usb drive onto macbook, and photoshop, and finally to blogger. I need a drink.

Here's the puppy photos of Jethro that I mentioned the other day from March or April(?) 2000. He had just survived parvo when he adopted me.

Look at his little boxer face. Awwww. . . . (Click the photos and they will enlarge)

And I don't want to hear any fat jokes, could I be any larger remarks, or about how much less grey hair I had back then. It's all this stress, I'm telling ya'.

It was fun to find these photos. I have others to share including the most bizarre tumor on a dog that I have ever seen. So stay tuned.

And finally, is this a Mess of Puppies or what?

This family had puppies every year or every other year for several years. Really nice dogs. Always about this many. There is only 1 still around that I am aware of.


JustJaynes said...

Love puppy pictures!

Anonymous said...

I can see that Jethro had you from Hello:) Wow, is he adorable!!
So human they are, from adorable babies to toddler frustration, to teenage rebellion and finally adulthood. It's quite a journey that we go on with these guys...and one that I couldn't live without:)
Thanks for the great pics and now I have to go walk the world's most brazen golden retriever puppy!
Thanks again for sharing Andy - Great job!

mollie jones said...

Wow Andy, you could have used those pups for our AC challenge for messes. Had to laugh at all you went through to get those photos current on your computer. I'd have blown the whole thing off!!! Good job...

Doris Joa said...

I love these puppies. And I agree with Mollie that this would have been the perfect puppy mess painting.

V. Bridges-Hoyt said...

I love all these photos of all these dogs and puppies you are showing us. Your computer process for transferring files sounds very much like mine. I have old Macs that I link to each other and need to do more of it and get all my files on up-to-date storage devices.

I am awarding you "A Passion for Painting" award. If you'd like to accept it, just go to my blog Texas Sauce Art Life, pick up the award to post on your blog and list seven things you love. Then you will send it to seven other deserving artists. That's all there is to it, but the award carries a nice sentiment and coming from one's peers, it means a lot. Congrtulations!

Sherry said...

Oh, great shots Andy. And loved your trip down memory lane.

Tracy Hall: said...

Great pictures, Andy - jethro looks adorable and those puppies! How long did it take you to pose those guys?! Too cute!

Ren said...

The new puppies are just awesome. Hope to see some paintings of them!

jodie nicholson said...

Firstly....brilliant photos.

As for the computer stuff, um, that's pretty much the way I operate now. I probably should upgrade. Everything.


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