This is Luckey. That's how his name was spelled so that is how I'm leaving it. So don't send me a note about a typo, haha.

He was in today for his puppy vaccinations.  He is about 6 weeks old according to his owner.

You can click on the photos and they'll enlarge a bit, I think.

Cute isn't he?  Squeezable, Cuddly Cuteness.

He did growl at me a little in the video of him walking on the floor. I don't think you can hear it on tape.
Typical Chihuahua.



Maggie found a Home. and a new Name.

Reading backwards I don't think I told you that Maggie found a home.  I mentioned her a few times, and she got adopted around the middle of May.   About the same time of my computer meltdown.

I love this photo. She looks so content.

She now lives in Downtown Atlanta. She seems to be adjusting to apartment life. She got a new name, Sparrow, and a snazzy new pink collar.   I snagged these photos off Facebook. I don't think her new owner will mind if I share them with you, as you helped find her a home.

Also, congratulations to Lori.  She was the last one to retweet about helping to find Maggie a home.
Remember when I said I was giving away stuff to the person who tweeted about her last?   Well, Lori was the last one to pass along the information as Maggie/ Sparrow was adopted.  So YAY! for her.
A gift box is coming your way, Lori.   *applause, applause, applause*   Well played.

Lori makes and sells jewelry, btw.  She has some things in her ArtFire Shop here.


Another Homeless Stray

I have a client. She's like a stray magnet.  She's is in some serious need of stray repellent.  This is the latest one looking for a home.

I haven't seen him in person, but she sent some photos and a short video.
He's like a light orange, cream colored, tabby cat.  But he has blue eyes. My guess is there possibly is a little siamese in there somewhere. He has darker tips on his ears.

What to call him? He has to have a name to be listed on Petfinder. 
hmmmmm,  (thinking, thinking- cue the Jeopardy music)
What about "Paul Newman"?

Surely someone on Petfinder would want to adopt a Paul Newman.

This is his impersonation of "Dead Cat in the middle of the Road"

With Bob the Sheltie

His Tail

So, if anyone out there wants to adopt Paul Newman, let me know and I'll pass it along. 
I'll send a bottle of salad dressing as a gift. . . . .

Here's his video.



Baron is an 8 week old Italian Greyhound puppy who was in today for his vaccinations.   He weighs about 4 lbs already so I'm think he might be a little larger than some.  Like a Giant Italian Greyhound. Oh, an oxymoron, for sure.

Here's his video. 



This is Domino. Her Mom works at Domino's.  Domino is probably lucky that she doesn't work at Home Depot.  (haha- jk)

6-7 week old pit bull puppy.  She's very wormy. Once those are gone, she'll start looking, and feeling, a lot better.

Oh, and her feet are normal size. In case you were wondering. :)

If you want to read about my hard drive melting, Click here. 

My Poor little neglected Blog

Times flies when you are having fun.  

Time also flies when your hard drive starts making a clicking sound. Apparently, that is what is called "the click of death" by the service dept at the Apple store.

As some on you know, my hard drive melted a few days after my last post.  And I didn't have everything backed up like I should.  I was using BackBlaze to do an online backup.  The problem was that it never got through the initial backup. Only about half.  *sigh*

So I got the hard drive replaced, it was still under warranty for another few months.   And my portable hard drive from Backblaze arrived yesterday with my intact files.  So I am sorting out what got lost.  I don't think I lost any original artwork scans.

Mostly what I lost was my iphoto library.  The original photos of patients  and gift items. Which isn't too big a deal, since most of those were resized for the web and live here on blogger, flickr, or facebook.  Product photos are live on Etsy, Artfire, Bonanzle.  I just have to go around and copy and paste them into a new folder. 

So let this be a lesson to you if you are lazy like I was. Always back up files to a portable hard drive. or online storage, or both.  My Macbook has a Time Machine function that copies and saves everything (settings, software, files) to an external hard drive.  You can betcha I'll be using it quite frequently from now on. 

But I am back and I have some photos and videos to share with you.  Appointment is here, be back later.


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