My Poor little neglected Blog

Times flies when you are having fun.  

Time also flies when your hard drive starts making a clicking sound. Apparently, that is what is called "the click of death" by the service dept at the Apple store.

As some on you know, my hard drive melted a few days after my last post.  And I didn't have everything backed up like I should.  I was using BackBlaze to do an online backup.  The problem was that it never got through the initial backup. Only about half.  *sigh*

So I got the hard drive replaced, it was still under warranty for another few months.   And my portable hard drive from Backblaze arrived yesterday with my intact files.  So I am sorting out what got lost.  I don't think I lost any original artwork scans.

Mostly what I lost was my iphoto library.  The original photos of patients  and gift items. Which isn't too big a deal, since most of those were resized for the web and live here on blogger, flickr, or facebook.  Product photos are live on Etsy, Artfire, Bonanzle.  I just have to go around and copy and paste them into a new folder. 

So let this be a lesson to you if you are lazy like I was. Always back up files to a portable hard drive. or online storage, or both.  My Macbook has a Time Machine function that copies and saves everything (settings, software, files) to an external hard drive.  You can betcha I'll be using it quite frequently from now on. 

But I am back and I have some photos and videos to share with you.  Appointment is here, be back later.


Leo said...

OOOPs I am guilty too. I have been playing the odds on this and know I had better do something about it Andy. Yikes!
Carol (not Leo)

Judy said...

What a shame, Andy. I have mine backed up to 2 extra hard drives & a CD for each image-do you think all that makes me remember to back - up? Not necessarily. I will tonight-thanks.


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