Another Homeless Stray

I have a client. She's like a stray magnet.  She's is in some serious need of stray repellent.  This is the latest one looking for a home.

I haven't seen him in person, but she sent some photos and a short video.
He's like a light orange, cream colored, tabby cat.  But he has blue eyes. My guess is there possibly is a little siamese in there somewhere. He has darker tips on his ears.

What to call him? He has to have a name to be listed on Petfinder. 
hmmmmm,  (thinking, thinking- cue the Jeopardy music)
What about "Paul Newman"?

Surely someone on Petfinder would want to adopt a Paul Newman.

This is his impersonation of "Dead Cat in the middle of the Road"

With Bob the Sheltie

His Tail

So, if anyone out there wants to adopt Paul Newman, let me know and I'll pass it along. 
I'll send a bottle of salad dressing as a gift. . . . .

Here's his video.


Glassgardenswhatnot said...

What a gorgeous cat! Too bad I live in Nashville, or maybe that's a good thing. (I've got 2 cats already and 2 dogs). I can see the Siamese in him and love the blue eyes. Looks to be pretty mellow, too.

Hope you find him a loving home!

Mishkat said...

He's beautiful! He looks just like (and possibly is?) a Flame Point Siamese, especially with those eyes. Paul Newman is a great name for him - hope he he finds a great forever home

Andy Mathis said...

oh wow.
You're right, he does look like those.

I'll have to edit his breed possibilities on petfinder.


WindysDesigns said...

He's gorgeous. I may be showing my age here, and I get the Paul Newman connection, but I can't help but remember that Frank Sinatra was called 'Old Blue Eyes'. I'd call him Frankie!lol I hope he finds a good forever home.


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