Maggie found a Home. and a new Name.

Reading backwards I don't think I told you that Maggie found a home.  I mentioned her a few times, and she got adopted around the middle of May.   About the same time of my computer meltdown.

I love this photo. She looks so content.

She now lives in Downtown Atlanta. She seems to be adjusting to apartment life. She got a new name, Sparrow, and a snazzy new pink collar.   I snagged these photos off Facebook. I don't think her new owner will mind if I share them with you, as you helped find her a home.

Also, congratulations to Lori.  She was the last one to retweet about helping to find Maggie a home.
Remember when I said I was giving away stuff to the person who tweeted about her last?   Well, Lori was the last one to pass along the information as Maggie/ Sparrow was adopted.  So YAY! for her.
A gift box is coming your way, Lori.   *applause, applause, applause*   Well played.

Lori makes and sells jewelry, btw.  She has some things in her ArtFire Shop here.


WindysDesigns said...

Thank you so much Andy!!! And I'm so happy Maggie/Sparrow found a good home, she looks so content.

I'm so excited to receive my goodies, although I would have done this simply to find her a forever home.

It's times like this when I am so grateful for Etsy for giving me the opportunity to meet such a kind,caring, talented and generous soul.

Bless you Andy and all the good you do!


Preserve Jewelry Studio said...

Happy endings are so happy.... Thanks for sharing.

libertyo said...

Sparrow looks totally comfy:-) No more Maggie the outdoor dog, she's moved on into her new home!!

Amelia said...

oh this is heartwarming. I grew up with a dog but don't have one now, this makes me want to get one!

Thanks for the info over on flying lessons.


Vera Dennen said...

Am so happy for her Andy. Thank you for letting us know.

Kerri said...

andy, your blog is so cool and something really different! :)


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