Remembering Maybelline.

If you follow Granite Hills Animal Care's page on Facebook, then you might have seen this the other day.  Last week, I had to say goodbye to Miss Maybelline.  We were never sure of her age, but we think she was a 1997 Model as she was brought in to be euthanized in 1998.  I kept her and tried to find a home for her, but she was always scared and crabby when potential families came to meet her. So she grew to be the 3rd hospital cat at the time, behind Midnight and Leon.

She was here when Jezabelle, my first dog, was here. And then here all the while my second dog Jethro was here.  So it sort seems like the end of an era-  the connection of the present to the past.

Her health and mobility had been deteriorating for awhile.  The photo above was taken of her napping in the sun back in July.  It is how I want to remember her.


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