Priscilla- 5/4/10

Here are some photos and a short video I shot earlier this week of Priscilla.  I thought you might be interested to see them.

 I got a few inquiries about her last week.  Which was unusual. 2 in one day.  It seems her petfinder link made it to some other sites for handicapped pets.

One suggested and insisted that I contact Best Friends in Utah. So I did.  Mainly to be polite, as I knew they wouldn't be able to take her.  They have enough animals out there to take care of.  They did send advice on how to care for an incontinent cat inside one's home.

Another asked about adopting her, and since I didn't have any new images of her, I shot these.  She isn't the easiest cat to photograph or try to catch on video as she wants to run right up, see what you are doing, and chew on the string handle or play with the dangling lens cap.

The video was to show how well she walks.  Not perfect as her rear feet slide out from under her a bit, but it could be worse. She can run, climb, etc. Just can't groom herself back there very easily. 


This was too timely to not share. I had not heard of this organization before.

They collect hair clippings from hair salons, pet groomers, etc. to help clean up oil spills.  How cool is that?
I had to share in case you were unaware of them too.

Here's a video from Youtube.

Pass it on.  You can click the title of this post to go to their website.


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