Surtex Photos

Hello everyone-
I FINALLY got around to unloading the few photos in my digital camera from the Surtex show, 2 weeks ago in NYC.

Here's the booth photos. Most of the booth was artwork by Stella Violano. If you are in her neighborhood during Christmas, you might recognize the life size dancing bears with the Santa hats. Ha,Ha.

Here's the view from my Hotel Window. I stayed at the Skyline Hotel. corner of 49th street and 10th ave.

And a Jethro Update.
Jethro has had 3 chemo treatments, along with his daily (nsaid) medication, one about every 3-4 weeks. This past weekend, Monday, he started feeling bad, very stoic. Like something was bothering him, but it wasn't consistent. We (me, the oncologists, the neurologists) thought it might be his neck, but not sure. His bloodwork is fine. His neck radiographs seem fine as well. And his ultrasound showed that his bladder tumor hasn't changed much since March. It isn't any smaller, it isn't any larger. It's about the same. No one is sure what is making him painful around his head and neck. So he is on pain meds for a few days to see if it helps. He seems better today, but still not back to his old self. Some knew he hasn't been feeling well, others didn't, so there is an official update for all.

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