Anyone know what kind of bird nest this is?

Today, I am rescuing the little garden area beside the clinic from a little neglect. Maybe just a year or two. It's been taken over by wild clematis, japanese honeysuckle, and some type of wild olive brush that seems to grow a foot/month.

I am not one for the high maintenance type of landscaping where the grass has to be mowed every 3 days. When I built the office here, the lot had no topsoil, it had been scraped away for some project. So grass wouldn't grow very well. So I threw out a bunch of wildflower seeds, and let the flowers grow. Now, my Mother, is the more high maintenance type of landscape person. I think that is because she had 4 kids to pull weeds out of the flowerbeds. Now, she says, " I like the wildflowers, I just don't like all those weeds. . . . " So I try to explain, "Ummmm, Ma, that's what wildflowers are. . .weeds." But I digress.

And I have tried to plant nice stuff before. I planted roses bushes one year. They lasted 2 days, before someone dug them up. The same for my shepherd hooks that were in the garden.
So if you plant anything nice, it has to be the wrong time of year for planting, or you have to camouflage it with weeds and such, so no one notices that it's there, till much later, when it's too large to move.

So I am out there, rescuing the camelia bushes, azaleas, and gardenias. This is in Jezabelle's Garden, the little memory garden I dedicated to her and in memory of all my patients- present and those passed. I would have liked to put a little bench out there, but there is no way it would stay in place. For the first year or three, we put up a outside Christmas there. With natural birdseed ornaments for the birds- bird seed- peanut butter pinecones, dried fruit gardlands, etc.

And I spot this little nest in one of the camelia bushes. Anyone know what it is? I am guessing it's a hummingbird nest. But, I am not sure. Click on the photo, it should enlarge a little, if you are viewing it on the blog page.


SM Violano said...

Hummingbird nest. :)

Laura said...

Hummingbird nest.

I lost a little injured hummingbird today. I wish they weren't so delicate when it comes to helping them.

Sherry said...

I agree with the hummingbird guess, it's too deep for much else. If you want them to keep coming back you need nectar flowers nearby.


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