The Japanese Judge awards a score of 9.75

for this balancing act. And extra 1/10 of a point was added for the degree of difficulty, and the double sukihari with a twist landing.

Occassionally, I find Sunshine running across the top of the dog cages in the kennel. Mainly to aggravate Daisy. The cages are 6 ft tall. With an open top. The cage bottoms are about 16 inches off the floor to make it easier to clean the kennel.

Just a few minutes ago, I go back there to find Jenny doing a Karl Wallenda.

Did I mention that Jenny weighs 75 lbs. ? No?
Did I mention that Jenny got spayed at lunch today? No?
Did I mention that Jenny is supposed to be resting and relaxing after surgery? No?
Did I mention that Jenny weighs 75 lbs.?

Somebody is spending the rest of the evening in a dryer cage. Closed on all sides.

ps. While you are up there, darling, would you mind cleaning that ceiling fan? Thanks in advance.


Maureen A. Girard said...

Lol! Too funny!

MilkaWay said...

Oh, my, this is hilarious! Thanks for the good laugh!


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