A painting of Mitch

One of my favorite, favorite, FAVORITE animal charities is Old Dog Haven in Washington State. You've heard me talk about them before.  They rescue older pets from shelters and put them in fosters homes to be adopted, or for the really old or sick, hospice homes or what they call final refuge homes.

One of their ambassadors is a dog named Solomon.  You can find him on Facebook by searching for his name.  He likes howling at firetrucks, drinking out of buckets, and chewing up car interiors.

Well, Solomon lives with another dog named Mitch, a black lab.  A few weeks, maybe months ago, I asked about painting Mitch from a photo they posted.  They said sure, that was fine, so I started a painting, and it sat on my painting table for several weeks. 

This week I read about one of the ODH foster dogs, named Bubbles, who has torn the ligaments in his knee and needs surgery.  Knee surgery isn't inexpensive.

This is Bubbles.

Since I took in 4 rescue dogs to foster back in November, any extra cash I have goes towards buying dog food for them (the hungry beasties).  So I finished up Mitch's painting, and will be selling the prints, with part of the proceeds going to Bubbles fund with Old Dog Haven.   The prints sell for $20 and $5 of that goes to Bubbles.  (25% if my math is correct). 

The print is signed. Printed on Ultra Premium Photo Paper with Pigmented Ink.  Image size is approx 5 x 7 inches.  Paper size 8.5 x 11 inches.  $20.  

Ships in a flat rate priority envelope.  For international shipping, ask, as I will need to check into that for you, depending on your location. 

Print of Mitch- $20 plus $5 shipping

Mitch- Original Painting  $95 plus $7 shipping (domestic)
email for international shipping rate


Robin Andreae said...

I just love Old Dog Haven! They're great folks. Thank you for helping out the seniors!
Off the subject I ran into this weird post about a mini bull terrier with too much fibrin. I've never heard of that before. The little guy is named BeeP Beep and he's in Thailand. Here's a link to his story:

Unknown said...

I love Solomon and of course his buddy Mitch.. I will purchase this great painting of Mitch! Thank you for doing this. Any thoughts on painting a nice portrait of the one and only Solomon?!? There is something about him that just moves me. Thank you,


Andy Mathis said...

Hi Robin, I've never heard of too much fibrin, usually it's the other way around with some not making some of the clotting factors leading too a bleeding disorder.

Thanks Nigel. You know I have thought about painting Solomon, but I worry that the grey and white of his face won't read correctly in the painting. I should test a few colors and values (the lights and darks).

There is one photo of him that I do really like . . .


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