Wrestling. And on a Wednesday.

Ginger, Daisy, and Jimmy were loose in the kennel yesterday afternoon. Of course, that leads to wrasslin'.


MC NJ said...

Just watched this video, you did amazing work with these babies! Jimmy looks so happy! That was only a little over a month ago :-( I still can't believe it & I didn't even know him in person :-(. I hope you are doing ok :-(

Andy Mathis said...

Thanks for asking. I am fine- a little less sad each day.

Even in Jimmy's last video- where he was wrestling with Ginger and Daisy- towards the end, was less than a week before he got sick.

MC NJ said...

I did read your explanation of what Jimmy died from, but was he feeling sick ever since you got him or do you think he was feeling fine and then those illnesses "flared up" and that's when he started feeling sick? So hard to understand :-(

There is another dog Beau, fb Urban rescues, he suddenly died the other day too! So shocking & heartbreaking! Beau was thru so much too, he even lost a leg & he was fine & happy that morning & them his family finds him dead at the end of the day....oh boy I need some happy stories :-)
You are a fabulous person! I would bring all my animals to you if I lived near you! :-)

Andy Mathis said...

He seemed fine, went out for his walk, on Friday night with Daisy.

I haven't gotten back the final pathology report yet, but I think it was a combination of the two. well, three- heartworms, parvo and then DIC. With DIC being the most grim prognosis.

Normally one wouldn't see parvo in an adult dog, and not one that was vaccinated twice. And not fatal parvo, but maybe just bloody diarrhea. There might have been an issue with his immune system that kept him from building antibodies to the vaccines, or it might have been something he was exposed too or a genetic thing earlier in his life.


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