Meet Laya- Parvo puppy #2

This is Laya. Storm's sister.
On Monday evening, she started being a little depressed. Her owners started her on Tamiflu left over from Storm. Tuesday was okay. Wednesday was vomiting, nauseated, and a little dehydrated . So she camped out here at Club Pet for the evening with fluids, antibiotics, anti-emetic medication. Thursday she was feeling better, started eating a little, and actually did go home last evening. I haven't heard from her this morning, so I assume she is doing okay today as well.

You can't predict who will survive parvo and who won't. We've seen dogs look deathly ill for days, and they do finally get over it. Others develop this "I give up" look in their eye and they don't make it. Jethro had parvo as a puppy, which is sort of how I acquired him.

I also had another puppy, with a history of no vaccines, come in yesterday, who was positive on his parvo test.

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ddjess said...

Laya is our little survivor. Thanks to you she is still with us. I am glad you got to see her today and how well she is doing, even though she was not very happy with the shots you gave her. see you at the next visit.

with thanks from Laya's human family

(note to readers: make sure you get those puppy shots ASAP don't wait, Laya is a survivor but unfortunatly our storm was not)


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