Fleas- It's a wonder more dogs don't go all postal

on their owners. I mean it drives me batty to have one mosquito buzzing around the bedroom at night. Can you imagine thousands? and not being able to get away? Sleep deprived?
That has to be why dogs go to heaven.

This is just a few of the fleas that fell off a dog when I sprayed him with flea spray. This is just one tiny little corner of the table. Poor thing had chewed on his leg so much that it was infected and swollen.

We've seen this a few times this summer. People quit putting flea medication on the dog during the winter, and WHAM! this is what happens.

(Psst- Fleas don't go to Boca Raton for the Winter. I'm just sayin'.)


jodie nicholson said...

I'm sure glad that I'm not a dog because I'd go out of my tiny mind with fleas. Although, I'd make sure I jumped in my owner's bed and closet first.

TheresaJ said...

Don't know if you like questions, but it doesn't hurt to ask. I have a little Chihuahua. She seems to have an extremely negative response to Advantage. I wasn't sure if it was the Advantage the first time I used it on her and so skipped a couple/few months, but the next time I used it on her, the same thing happened. She gets really neurotic, antisocial, hides in her crate, growls and bars her teeth if you come near her, and just appears depressed, shaky and angry, which is all completely abnormal behavior for her. She is usually a complete little love who never leaves my side - even sleeping with me at night, but not when she's had Advantage as she won't come out of her crate. This behavior lasted for about 3-4 weeks each time. I haven't used it since. I just flea comb her daily and that seems to work well, since she has short hair and is light colored, but it would be great if I could just get rid of the fleas altogether. Any suggestions?


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