Lola and LaLa

Here's Lola and LaLa, two Weimaraner Mix sisters. They are about 9 1/2 weeks old, 16 lbs each.

First, guess what age demographic the person was who named them? If you said young, very young, you would be correct.

They came in 3 weeks ago, but I was busy, and couldn't get their photo. So today, while back in for a puppy vaccination, they had a few seconds for a photo opportunity. And we got 1 "okay" photo, and the rest were like below.


JustJaynes said...

They are adorable! We currently have 2 mutts that we rescued, but hope to have a Weimaraner one day!

Anonymous said...

They are so cute, love their expressions. What a nice photo. How Loveable are they.

NAL said...

Winning hearts, they are! And look at the size of those paws!

The Modern Mama said...

Now you make me want a dog.


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