Lucky- Pomeranian Puppy

Here's Lucky. All 2 lbs. of him.

He came in Monday with a history of diarrhea for the previous week. And it wasn't getting any better. So we put him in the hospital to try and figure out what caused the diarrhea, and how to "fix" it.

On Tuesday morning, he was really out of it. Even with a heat lamp and hot water bottles, his temp had dropped to 90º degrees. And that is way too low. I know some folks reading my blog are from Australia, where they are experiencing a record heatwave. And they are whining about the heat and humidity, being able to grill burgers on the pavement, the steering wheel melting in their car, and their hair going frizzy. And they are probably thinking, "Man, I would love for my body temperature to be 90º degrees for a few . . . . . "

But No. No you don't. Things quit working when that happens. But I digress.

So Tuesday, Lucky was out of it most of the day. Really out of it. I suspect his electrolytes and blood sugar were off because the diarrhea and dehydration. So he got treated for everything. With everything.
His temperature came back up, and he was able to sit up a little by Tuesday afternoon. That's when these photos and video were taken. Lucky seemed to be looking around, wondering, "What happened? Where have I been?"

Wednesday- He was a little livelier and the diarrhea was starting to slow down as well. I got him to eat a little chicken baby food. I caught him catching some rays under the heat lamp. Such the life of luxury.

Here he is today.
(The dog you hear whining in the background is Boss. He's going home today as well)


Anonymous said...

Lucky looks fantastic in turquoise!

I think my cat Winni would love to shove him out of the way (she's bigger than him) and use the sun lamp herself.

jodie nicholson said...

I missed this post....I was too busy grilling burgers on the footpath!

Lucky was always going to do well. With a hairdo like that, it's impossible not to.


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