Priscilla Today

Well, Miss Priscilla is officially up for adoption this evening. I uploaded her information, photos, links, videos, etc. to Petfinder. It takes a few hours or a day for her to show up in the system.

It appears in the photo above that Carrie is supporting her back legs. But she is really just keeping her still for the photo. Her legs work fine, but she is going to have to be an outside cat, I think.

If you want to see all her photos together on one page, click on this link to see all three blog posts on 1 page. Notice how much she's grown in a month from her 1st photos.


NAL said...

Hi Andy!

So glad you posted this update - had been wondering how Priscilla was doing!

May she find a great forever-home soon!

ellie said...

Hi Andy!

My goodness, she has grown and she is so pretty. Since she has to be an outside cat, I hope that you can find her a home away from a busy highway or coyotes. We have lots of coyotes, bobcats and mountain lions where we live so there are no outdoor cats here. Why don't you keep her?

CarolChretien said...

She is just beautiful. Andy...thanks for the updates.

Michael said...

please contact me. I'm in Madison and would give her a great home. or
She is so beautiful! will she like children? i have two kids (11 and 4)
I could come get her as soon as the weather allows driving.
thank you

artbyakiko said...

I hope she will find a wonderful forever home!

fEatHeRs said...

Hi, I have just adopted a kitten just like her. Maybe a little worse, hopefully she can have as great a recovery as Priscilla. Great job with her and hope she finds a loving home! =)


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