It was a Wrasslin' Kind of Sunday

Yesterday . . . . . .  we had more Wrasslin' going on.  
Ginger, Jimmy and Daisy- Wrasslin' 03/25/12 from Andy Mathis on Vimeo.

And after that, everyone went out for their afternoon walk. Ginger had new head shots made in the late afternoon sun. She laid down in the grass, and I was able to zoom in on her with the telephoto lens. I love these two photos. Can she be any more adoptable?

You can see the whole set here at Flickr. 

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Preserve Jewelry Studio said...

You have done so much in a short period of time to rehabilatate these dogs. They enjoy each other so much it would be hard to separate them now. Good thing you have the doggie motel for this extended family!


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