Buster- Parvo Puppy

This is Buster. He came in on Thursday with Parvo, and stayed until yesterday.

12-14 weeks old, Lab Puppy.

I shot these photos on Saturday. And while he looks a bit depressed in the photos, he was beginning to feel better, and went home yesterday.

I am also having problems with my digital camera focusing on the subject. Not sure if it's a setting is off or what is wrong with it.

It focused fine when I hand held it to take this macro shot.

That isn't poop, btw. (I know that's what you were thinking.) It's a soft chewy lean treat that I was hiding the tamiflu in. Tamiflu apparently is terribly bitter tasting. So I've gotten creative trying to hide it.

This short video of Buster was shot with the same camera, so not sure what its problem is.
I am going to be sad if it conks out on me.

PS. Get those puppies vaccinated ASAP!

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