jumped off the bed.  He's 6-7 months old. Chihuahua.  

He came in a little over a week ago.   Check out that leg he is holding up.

This happened several days before these photos were taken. A callus has already formed trying to stabilize the fracture site.  You can't move the bones around.  It happens rather fast in puppies and kittens.   Ideally, if he had come in after it happened, we probably could have put a spoon splint on it.  A spoon splint won't fit on it at this angle.   Referring him to an orthopedic surgeon wasn't an option, and neither was anesthetizing him and refracturing the fracture.  As it heals, I think it will remodel and not be at such a severe angle.

We sent him home on some pain meds and orders for strict confinement so it can finish healing.  No more jumping off the bed.

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