Lucky has a thing for Brunettes

Shih Tzus it seems.

Since putting Leon to sleep in July, no one has claimed his chair in the exam room.  Lucky is about the only one who'll sit in it while clients and patients are in there.  Sometimes he is so in the way, that he has to have time out in his own cage during office visits.  When clients aren't here, sometimes Sunshine or Priscilla are sitting or snoozing in it.

But strange things started happening a few weeks ago.  When Holly came in for annual checkup.

 Holly is a Shih Tzu, 5, maybe 6? years old now.  She has several middle nicknames- from Cockeyed to Jumps like a Frog- but the one that has stuck the most is McNasty.  She got that one as a puppy when she devoured a dead rat carcass before anyone could get it away from her.

Holly McNasty.


So Holly was on the table and Lucky proceeds to get on the table too.  And starts getting all amorous as if he is Pepe LePew.  Rubbing on her, grabbing her leg, etc.

So the next week another little Shih Tzu comes in. This time it is Chloe who is about 13.  She is getting a haircut.  and the same thing happens again.


Rebecca said...

Maybe Lucky needs a kitten to play with?

Andy Mathis said...

Lucky gets plenty of exercise chasing, wrasslin', or being chased by Sunshine and 'Scilla.

Sharon said...

I think there is something about those dogs that Lucky really finds interesting... perhaps they have used some minty shampoo.

BuffyCat gets all excited around anyone or anything that has been washed with something minty. Maybe it reminds her of catnip.


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