Atlanta Fall Gift Show- AmericasMart

Well, I am back from the Atlanta Fall Gift Show. I haven't done the Americasmart wholesale Gift Show since way back in 2002, although I often attend the Jan or July one for the day to visit the showrooms, see what products they are showing, to scout for potential licensees.
Below is a photo of my booth.

Here's the view from the other angle. Notice the big red arrows pointing to something blocking the view. This is what attendees saw if the happen to be coming down the aisle. An import company from Brazil hung 3 rather large pressed paper plates on the pole dividing the booth. 98% of the time, they stayed on my side of the curtain. I wanted to hang prints on them, since technically I was paying for the space.

In January, I am showing in the licensing and design section with Atlanta Art Licensing Group.

Phyllis Dobbs, Brenda Pinnick, and Stella Violano were attending the show. Stella had never been to Americasmart. She was elated to discover Chick-fil-A, since they don't have those in California apparently.

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