A Portrait of Jack

Karin Jurick from Decatur, who paints fantastic people and cityscapes, posted on her blog about her dog Jack, who had brain cancer and had to be put to sleep. She started a project on another blog, posting a picture each week for people to paint. A photo of Jack was the first subject. You can see all the interpretations so far at that blog- (Sorry I had the link wrong, the first time.)

Here's my interpretation. Varnished watercolor on Yupo board, 5x7 inches. Unframed. I'll list the painting for sale with 20% of the proceeds going to Old Dog Haven, in Jack's memory. $95 plus $6 for shipping. You can find either a google checkout, or paypal button at the bottom of the post.

Check out that cool little spidery bleed. I had to leave it in.

SOLD. I thank you, Old Dog Haven thanks you, and Jack's family thanks you too.

Edit- 10:30 pm- I am so sorry, it seems this post went out again, when added the paypal buttons. My apologies for all those who received this post twice. Blogger used to not send out an edited post.


V. Bridges-Hoyt said...

This is really beautiful, Andy! I'm glad to see you painting again. You are truly a Yupo master. Vernita

Edward Burton said...

Hi Andy,
I really liked that you flipped the image - great idea, and very nice watercolor technique.

Always Amy said...



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