Cujo- Parvo Puppy here this past Weekend

Meet Cujo. Careful, he's ferocious.

Cujo came in Friday night, when the phone rang about 7 pm. (We close at 6) . So here I have this puppy several weeks old, literally skin and bones, depressed, not eating, vomiting, and diarrhea.

No puppy shots. Fecal- loaded with hookworms and whipworms. It's unusual to see whips in a puppy this young. The parvo test turns bright blue- much like a pregnancy test.

So he start treatment- Tamiflu (which isn't cheap, but seems to help to prevent secondary septicemia) , antibiotic injections, fluids, dewormer.

We were a little chilled so we dragged out the heat lamp. Aaahh- much better.

By Monday morning (yesterday) we started eating a little on his own and keeping it down. Feeling a little better, wagging his tail a little when you woke him up from his naps.
So he got a bath and sent home late yesterday afternoon with his Tamiflu and a few more days of antibiotics.

Cujo says to tell everyone to get those puppy vaccines, because Tamiflu does not taste like candy.


Mishkat said...

Cujo is one cute puppy - so glad he's feeling better. Thanks for helping him.

Anonymous said...

I'm speechless due to my melting heart:) Wow is he cute and obviously a camera hound!
Great job Andy!!

BackwoodSophisticate said...

Oh, poor little guy. He was one sick little puppy, glad you got him feeling better. He is adorable!

VieiraGirl said...

He is so cute. I hope he gets better soon. It is so sad that people don't take care of pets. My dog just got back from the vet. She loves the attention

Sarah said...

So glad he is okay! I had a puppy die from parvo 3 months ago :( What breed is he?? My new pup look very similar...

Andy Mathis said...

Hi Sarah-
Cujo is a pit bull.


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