Bella- The interesting Case of the Week

This is Bella. A 6 month old French Bulldog that came in Wednesday. She had been spayed at another vet hospital on Tuesday. (gasp! I know). And was having all kinds of problems with diarrhea and pooping all over the house after surgery. So her owner decided to board her to see if I could get the diarrhea to clear up.

Cute isn't she? Is this a face only a mom could love?

Notice anything different? I know she looks like she might pop out an eyeball at any point, in the photo below, but that isn't it.

She has a cleft lip on both sides. Not a cleft palate. Her palate appears to be intact. Her lips under her nose didn't fuse correctly.

Cool, huh?
It doesn't affect her eating or anything. Her diarrhea is a little better today, she finished her medication, so she'll probably go home late this afternoon.

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organidog said...

Awwww, poor little girl. Glad to know she's doing well and all my best for speedy healing!


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