Jibby is part of "ma Posse" this afternoon.  She's here for the day getting the second part of her heartworm treatment.  She was brought in about 2 months ago, all itchy, chewing most all the hair off her back half.

Look how nice she looks now.  That Dr. Mathis, he's a miracle worker, I tell ya.

She had heartworms and did the first part of the treatment about a month ago.  She's going to be fine.  But if anyone has a dog, or a cat, that isn't on prevention, consult with your veterinarian.  Some areas of the country are less susceptible (no mosquitos- lucky you) .  Left untreated, they can cause heart, lung, and kidney damage.  Sometimes irreversible and fatal.   They (heartworms) are bad news.  They are often not taken as seriously as some worms since owners can't see them.

It's often like this- Heartworms. Meh.
But, let a tapeworm crawl of the dog or cat's rear end, and the owners are sitting on the doorstep the next morning waiting for the office to open.  (PSssst-  Tapeworms are more of nuisance than anything. Not terribly pathological)

Enjoy your weekend.

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