I thought these links were worth sharing . . . .

and totally unrelated.

The first one is a link to a blog post about an ikea commercial where 100 cats were released into the store. How ironic that I have an ikea chair here at the office, that the cats have claimed for their own.

Here's the video on Youtube-

I also came across this book on Amazon.  It's about a cocker spaniel named Katie.  The book has just been released, I think.  You must watch the video about the story behind the book.  You must.

 Here's the book on Amazon.

If you want to watch the video about the bookm, without going to the Amazon page,   It is also here at this link as well.

I don't have a Kindle, but I ended up downloading  the ebook from barnes and noble and am reading it on my ipad. Only got to about page 25 late last night.

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