Yoda and Priscilla Today

People on Facebook were requesting another video. . . .
It went something like this-

We're bored.  We're hungry.  Can you make us something to eat?  
And bring it to us while we lounge here in the lounge chairs? 
We don't have anything to do. Entertain us.  Shoot another video of the cats.

My little digital camera takes okay photos, but the video on it is a not so great.  So I took my camcorder to the office this afternoon.  It does better in low light situations.  Yoda and 'Scilla were playing in the cat room this time. 

(note to self- next time, remove that cat litter or whatever is stuck to her rear end . . . )


Sandra said...

Yoda is a crazy cat. If I were to adopt her I would find an equal for her. She needs to a playmate with similar energy to stay out of trouble. Good thing you don't have any drapes at the office because she would be scaling those like a rock wall.

Diane Morgan said...

I can't believe I watched the whole thing! :-) That was great Andy. Thank you!

Michele said...

I can watch them allllll day.
I am about ready to buy a plan ticket for Yoda, Ashley needs a new friend!
I wonder if Yoda would let me train her to go on the potty like my other kitty. I got video of funny!

Andy Mathis said...

Ashley probably would have her nose bent out of shape for a few days. Perhaps months or years.

PEtfinder also lists pets on Ebay Classifieds. Which had me a little concerned at first.

She got one or two inquiries, but nothing very serious so far.


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