The Latest on Ms. Yoda

My apologies.
I realize that I haven't shared the latest photos and videos of Yoda over the past 2 or 3 weeks.  I have too many irons in the fire . . .  photos and videos. . . . going in different directions. . .  facebook, twitter, petfinder, etc.   That got shared everywhere but here. 

So today, y'all get treated to a Super size post of Yoda.  She is off her bottle as of yesterday.  I listed her on petfinder last week, I think.  But so far, no takers. Don't all raise your hands at once.  :)

Y'all saw her first photos sometime the first of August.  

These photos were from the 17th.

This video of her is also from the 17th.

If you have been following along on Facebook, then you've seen me over the last month whining about my Coffee Woes.  I drink coffee.  It's my vice- that and Diet Cokes/Pepsi.    Anyway, one day, Carrie was headed to Walmart to pick up the usual supplies-  paper towels, cat litter, etc.  And I was out of coffee.  So I asked her to pick some up.  I don't consider myself a coffee snob.  I don't buy the most expensive coffee. Nor the cheapest.  I buy somewhere in the middle.  I've bought 8 O Clock brand in the past.  Now I like the Bi-Lo brand, Southern Home Roasting Company.   So I suggested 8 O clock and figured Walmart would have that one.  Well, they didn't.  And Carrie doesn't drink coffee.

(Note to all you out there-  Never EVER let a non-coffee drinker buy coffee! )

So she brings back Maxwell House.  Like a 5 gallon bucket full of the stuff.  And I've been drinking it, rather than throw it out.  Mixing it with the BiLo brand, Doctoring it up with Cream and Splenda, etc.
And I was finally able to empty the container.  And put it to a more practical purpose.

Last Friday, I recorded Yoda and Priscilla playing around the office.

A little light reading while muti-tasking earlier this week. . . . 

A Little Fun with the Roomba, Wheee!

So if you know of anyone that might want to adopt a long haired black kitten, I know where one can be found.


Vera Dennen said...

These photos are too precious there Andy. You make a wonderful nursemaid my friend!!!! ☺

Preserve Jewelry Studio said...

Yoda has more energy than 10 kittens combined. I hope you paint her before she leaves the homestead.

Michele said...

If I could get her to Washington, I would take her in a heartbeat!!
Does the Hovercraft come with? I expect it is a toy that she would be tramatized if it was kept from her.
No...serious. I love her. I just lost my best friend from old age a week ago. She was 18. Yoda looks and reminds me of her.
I can't believe no one has grabbed her from you yet!

Michele said... other cat would just LOVE her, too. said...

Too cute - I think I need to get a roomba for my cat too : )

Terri Conrad said...

muliti-tasking at its felinest! she's adorable, Andy!

ellie said...

I enjoyed watching Yoda and Priscilla playing. Priscilla looks like she is doing very well and she has grown into such a pretty little lady. Andy, I think that she was destined to be with you. She is probably enjoys being the mascot of the office. As for the coffee...I am with you. Maxwellhouse isn't very good. I like Yuban or Folgers.

Anonymous said...

My family is going to adopt her. She is so cute!

sadaf said...

I jst luv kittens!!! I would take her just lik tht:D


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