Meet Charlie.
He's a 6 lb. stray rescued from the pound about a month ago.  That's right.  The Pound.  He looks like a Papillon.  He got neutered today.

I know what you are thinking-  "How come the only strays that show up at my house are old, 3 legged beagles? With one eye?"   Just lucky are you.

He is pretty cute.  I don't think he was at the pound very long.


Simply Me Art said...

The Cutest Charlie I have ever seen. Sighhh

Preserve Jewelry Studio said...

Simply adorable. The ear swags give him character. Some people have all the luck at shelter rescues.


aww how adorable sweet Charlie. Your blog is great ♥

Blackfeatherfarm said...

Just glad this little doll will easily find a home.... :)

Erica Lea said...

Wow, he is too cute! Wouldn't you love to know his story? I often wish our Jack could tell us his background - it's obvious someone bred him intentionally (he looks like a mini English Springer Spaniel, and his dew claws were removed, tail docked). Yet, he showed signs of abuse, and was just abandoned in a crate with another dog when I worked at Best Friends. Charlie looks like someone was crossing a Papillon with a Maltese or Yorkie or...


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