I should win a Nobel Prize or something. . . Demodex

Yes, that's right. A Nobel Prize for Medical Health Technology or something. Based on my Discovery.

I was surprised my little point and shoot digital camera would take photos of radiographs, in a darkened room, when I discovered that a few years ago.  But when Sparky was in today, I discovered it would shoot pics from the eyepiece of the microscope.   Kewl.

Above is a bad photo of Sparky.  She's 14 and chewing at her skin really bad so it's getting infected.
So we did a skin scraping and found Demodex mites there.  That's what I was able to photograph under the microscope.  The red arrows point to the Demodectic mites.  They are the clear, sort of cigar shaped things with little legs that looks like rings around part of their body.

Aint that just the Koolest?  Totally made my day. Have a good weekend everyone.


Vera Dennen said...

Wow Andy that really is cool! How in the world did you ever think even to try that?

Andy Mathis said...

Mostly, I was bored. :)
Waiting on client to come in to pick up their pet.


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