He's like a newspaper.  Black and White and Read (Red) All Over.   *smirk*

Y'all are probably too young to remember that joke.

This is BW.  Short for Black and White. He was in today for his second round of booster shots.  He was a stray that showed up at his owner's house. He's about 5-6 months old.  And I do believe, he is redder than he was 3 weeks ago.

Perhaps he's been spending just a little too much time sunning himself and lounging in the neighbor's hot tub. Chlorine can be so damaging to one's hair . . . .


Pamela Holderman said...

petty funny, but pretty cute. looks like a new breed maybe?

Erica Lea said...

Well, guess I must be pretty old, because I remember that joke, ha, ha;-) That has to be the strangest cat coloration I've seen! It's almost like he had some Siamese coloring that got mixed up when it tried to come out. Be interesting to see what happens next...


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