Yoda, Bentley, and Jake

Mornin' All. Or it was morning when I started this post. Welcome to Monday. It's Halloween week.

How many of y'all have already eaten all the candy and have to go out and buy more? I know y'all are out there. . . .

Here's who came in last week.

Jake came in on Friday, and went home on Saturday. He's about 10 weeks old, a Chihuahua puppy.

Then there was Bentley. . . .

Middle of last week, Bentley had managed to get himself stepped on, but he was fine for the most part. He's a mix between Jack Russell Terriorist and a Pomeranian, I think, his owner said.
Cute, cute, cute.

Then Miss Yoda came back in on Friday for a follow up vaccination. She's growing and only wanted to do her own thing and get off the table. We were having enough trouble herding one cat, much less how it would have been to try herd a bunch of cats.

She was wearing a new blinged out, too big for her, Pink collar. She wasn't too amused, and it must have been new I assume, from the way she kept scratching and chewing at it.

Her eyes have changed color a little. They are now more green. The last time I saw them, they had turned more of a grey color. Her adult haircoat is growing in as well. Looks like she's going to have longer hair.


Erica Lea said...

I have to say Bentley is my fave here. Boy, though, if that's his cross, he's got hyperactive, super intelligent and really stubborn in the mix - with a good dash of feistiness, lol! He should grow up to be a very interesting character:-)

Preserve Jewelry Studio said...

A happy post is welcome after that sad flea story. Thanks for the cute shots of all the critters this week.


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