Transitional Cell Carcinoma

Well, Jethro had his appointment and test yesterday.

They were able to collect some cells from his urethra to make the diagnosis for his straining to urinate. It was as I suspected- a transitional cell carcinoma.

Here's an interesting link with photos, explanations, etc.

It was not as bad as it could have been. It doesn't affect much of the lumen of the bladder. Just the neck and the part of his urethra going through his prostate gland. His lymph nodes aren't involved yet, and his chest radiographs are clear.

He is starting the combo treatment mentioned in the article. Hopefully it will decrease the swelling enough to allow him to urinate freely again.

While I dread the thought and process of having to put him to sleep, I think this will make me appreciate him even more while he's still here. However long that might be.

I appreciate everyone's good thoughts, prayers, and concerns. Jethro does as well.
He's coming home tomorrow.


NAL said...

Hi Andy!

So sorry to hear about Jethro's diagnosis - he looks like a sweetheart.

Hoping the treatment does what it's supposed to, and that he is able to be with you for a long time yet.

Best wishes to you both!

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,

So sad to hear about Jethro's diagnosis - it sounds like you have a real good treatment plan - I hope that he responds really well and that you don't have to make that very difficult decision any time soon. Talk to you later.
Linda Faye

kibbles said...

Hi Andy,
Sorry to hear about Jethro, but optimistic about his treatment.

Ironically, I also have one of my own with TCC. My 13 year old(acts like 2)overgrown Pom also had frequent urination spotted with blood. Having seen my fair share of bladder stones, I hoped it was that.

But no. No course of treatment for her, so we'll just let her be happy as long as she can be. She even gets the occasional junk food.

Still holding her own, playing with Jimmy and very feisty after almost 7 months.

*smoochies* to Jethro!


ellie said...

Hi Andy:

I hope that Jethro will be with you for a long time. I know how hard it is. Been there too many times over the years. My Frosty tore a ligament in his leg again (other leg this time) so he'll probably need more surgery. How do I keep him from running around so much? He still acts like a puppy even though he is 10. He takes sharp turns then slides and gets hurt.



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