Daffodil Shadows- Varnished Watercolor on Yupo

This past Sunday, a week ago, this is what outside looked like. . . .

And this past Sunday. . . .

So I picked a few daffodils and threw them in a vase to photograph. . . while Sunshine sneaks out the door.

Then Leon and Maybelline want to help.
Excuse me, but you are blocking the nice light. Thank you.

Here's these two seem to be saying, "I ain't going out there. You go get Sunshine."
"I ain't going out there either . . . Sunshine can just rot outside for all I care. . ."

These 2 don't like outside. Nope, No Sir, No Way. Which is ironic as they were both outside kitties when they were brought in for euthanasia.

One of the photographs. Minus the "assistants".

and the painting. . . Daffodil Shadows, varnished watercolor on Yupo board, 5x7 inches


Anonymous said...

I really love your water color paintings. They are simply gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

thanks for inspiring my latest blog post. LOUD CHEERS and humble bows.

Mishkat said...

Lovely painting - although I also really like the photos of the daffodils with the "assistants" (especially the one where Leon is smelling the flowers).

Diane Morgan said...

Your blog is always so joyful and uplifting.....puppies and kitties and daffodils in Spring.....these are a few of my favorites things.

Juballo said...

Very nice water colour. I love the composition!


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