You'll have to speak up, I mean scream. . . . We have the bugs.

13 year cicadas.  If you live in the South, you might know what I'm talking about.  About a week and a half ago, a client was talking about the Cicadas at her house.  I knew they are around in the summer, but was unaware of the 13 year and 17 year species.  

Two days later, the trees started whirring with this humming sound.  Luckily, they are quiet at night. Soon the females will lay eggs in the ground, and we'll see them again in 2024. 

Photo found via Google Images and Flickr.

Photo found via Google Images and Flickr. 

Photo found via Google Images and Flckr.

 Here's a few short video of clips I shot last week. You can see them fluttering around the branches.  It sounds like there is a construction site next door, but that isn't the case. You do hear vehicles going by on the highway. 


vic said...

We live in southern Indiana and are in an area where a "big brood" of 17 year locusts are. It is an amazing experience and incredibly noisy. The spooky thing about it is that when they first emerge their chirps are rhythmic but disorganized but slowly they start doing it in a synchronized fashion which makes it seem even louder and as though they are really communicating with one another. An unsettling thought.

Anonymous said...

Cicadas are amazing! We had them in Africa and as a child I was enthralled with their metamorphosis!


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