American Bulldog Puppies

Sorry everyone, I've been slack about posting for a week or two.    I went to NYC to see the National Stationery Show over the weekend of May 14th.    While I was there, or on the way home, I came down with a nasty cold and cough.  So I've been downing a  barrage of medications-  Nyquil, Dayquil, Pseudoephedrine, Mucinex, and various cough drops and chloraseptic. I am slowly getting some better. Pity me.  CVS keeps giving me the evil eye as I keep buying pseudoephedrine.  As if I have time to run a meth lab . . . . . I have cats to feed.

Before I left, these guys came in for their puppy vaccinations. 

Now I know what you are thinking.  "They SO Cute. I'll take two."   Now here's the reality.  The males weigh about 90-110 lbs. when they are grown.  They don't eat like a bird either.  I hope you have extra room in the trunk to haul dog food home for your twins.  I'm just sayin'.  While everyone is complaining about $4 per gallon gas, you'll be the one complaining about the price of dog food. 

They are cute though, I admit.  I just want to squeeze and hug them when they come in.  Even the adults.  I try not to let them step on my toe though.   :)


Robin Andreae said...

I hope you are feeling better soon! I love your pics of them. They are real cuties. Dog food prices are rising, too. I'm currently fostering a Bull Terrier with allergies. So he gets a home cooked diet and couldn't imagine feeding a dog double his size.

greytlife said...

I want the one with the bad "comb over"! Such a cutie! Too bad you don't have smell-o-video...a whiff of puppy breath would make me swoooon! :)

Robin Norgren said...

As I was watching the video I had on "I think its gonna rain today" by Noarh Jones; very nice compliments to the gorgeous puppies.


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