Retriever Puppy -watercolor on Yupo

I finished this painting last night. Scroll back the previous posts and you can see the steps and reference pic. I think I need to keep this painting for my upcoming show in November at the State Botanical Gardens. 30% of the proceeds benefit the gardens, 20% benefits Sundown Surgery Fund at UGA Vet Med teaching hospital.

Note- I have listed a giclee print of the painting in my Etsy store.

transparent watercolor on Yupo paper, 5x7 inches. Click on the images and they enlarge a little.

If you are interested in this original, leave a note in the comments. When it is offered for sale, I can let you know by searching for this post.


kboyle4894 said...

He is Gorgeous! Please let me know when he is available for purchase.
Warm Regards,

Andy Mathis said...

Hi Kathy-
This is a really old post, sorry about the confusion.

The Retriever Puppy #1, that is mentioned here, sold a long time ago.

I still have a larger original of a slightly different version of the same puppy, titled Retriever Puppy#2. And there is a print available as well.


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